Training and Consulting

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  • The best Instructors, Business Coach Qualified To Share Their Experience With You
  • Missions As An Instructor  Or Coach  In The Middle East And North Africa
  • Building Skills Of Your Employees
  • Training Center
  • accompaniment Of Your Society
  • Calendar Of Training Events In Palestine
  • Calendar Of Training Events In The Middle East And North Africa
  • Organisation Of Events  In Palestine


Communication , Team Management and Leadership
Time Management and Priorities Management
Management of Interpersonal Communication in Situation of Crisis and Social Intention
Prevention , Treatment of Incivilities and of Verbal Attacks of The Customers
Management of Stress
Communication with Media
Management and Leadership Skills
Human Development
Self Confidence
keys of Succes
NLP ( Neuro Linguistic Programming)
Maximise the Power of Your Brain
Business Coaching
How to Manage Your Project
How to Make Your Business Plan
Strategies to Boost your Business
Digital Marketing
Digital Branding in Perspective
Social Media Branding
Focus on Value
Branding and Search Engine Optimization
Advertising on Facebook , Messenger and Instagram
How and Why to Integrate Facebook and Messenger as your Business Chat bot
Customer Relationship management – CRM
E-mail Marketing
Inbound Marketing Fundamentals
HubSpot Marketing Automation
Online Strategic Planning
How to grow your Youtube , Broadcast , Blog, Business